Interested in Joining our Family of Faith?


The Connections Class

The Connections Class is an in-depth study for anyone who wants to find out just who we are and what we believe! Anyone interested in being a member is required to attend this class before they join the church.

This class includes an overview of how the Church started out as one (with the disciples) and ended up with many denominations. It also looks at what we all have in common with one another as Christians, and then some of those things that have caused us to be in different “camps.” Finally, the class will look at what makes Windwood part of the Church Universal, and what makes us particularly Windwood.

Come and join us!

To register for a class, contact Cindy King at 281-378-4040 or Your advance registration helps us to prepare materials and other supplies for the classes.

Childcare is available for all classes with advance RSVP.