Global Missions

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Missions Council is to be a ministry that exemplifies a heart for the un-reached and seeks to fulfill the Great Commission.

The primary focus areas are:

1. Increasing Awareness, Understanding, Acceptance and Commitment to missions at Windwood.
2. Providing an opportunity for inter-generational approaches to missions.
3. Providing an opportunity for adults to engage in different ways with missions at home and abroad.

Key Windwood Connections

Partners in Ministry - Coordinates local hands on mission activities.
Student Ministry Council - Coordinates all of the many youth mission activities.
Man to Man – Windwood’s Men's group that is always involved in mission activities.

Click Here to Download our Mission Brochure

For more information about Missions at Windwood, please contact:

  • Katie Miler, katie.miler818@gmail.com
  • Staff Contact: Cindy King, cking@windwodpc.org