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8:00 am: Meets in the Seminar Room (A120)

9:30 am: Meets in the Worship Center

11:00 am: Meets in the Worship Center (Children's Message)


Call to Worship

We are called to worship God with all our lives, not just on Sunday mornings, but with everything we say and do throughout the week. Sunday morning worship services are offered at 8:00 a.m. in the Seminar Room. Identical 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. services take place in the Worship Center. Our encounter with the Living God is something you surely want to be part of on Sunday mornings.

At Windwood we believe the body of Christ – our congregation – is called to worship together and we glorify God with several musical styles within the same service. All styles of music that have been written to honor and praise the Lord are valid for worshiping Him. From traditional anthems and hymns to current praise and worship styles and everything in between, at Windwood we make music not only because we love to, but we do it because we are called to by God Himself.

Worship and Arts Council

Elder, Worship & Arts

Donna Daughdrill
Elder, Worship & Arts 

Sr. Staff Liaison, Worship & Arts


Sermons for 2017

Sermon Series: Christ Centered Community

Community is an essential aspect of human nature.  God created us first for community with Himself and then community with each other.  However, in America, both the emphasis on individuality and multiculturalism have undercut our understanding and experience of community.  The answer? In one word, the Church! We need to understand what it means to be a community with a distinctly Christian culture – a Christ centered community.  God has called us not to chase culture, or resist culture, but to create culture – a culture where God is God and we seek His Kingdom first, and then all good things can be ours as well!  And this, we must do together!  How do we do that?  Join us this year as we discover our calling, not just to try to influence culture, but to be a community that lives out the culture of the Kingdom of God!

 March 5 – The Community of Holiness Isaiah 6

Many outside the church are put off by any discussion of holiness.  Why should this be?  Perhaps because too often the church has acted as if holiness was some kind of special achievement that gave a person special standing with God.  Is that really what it means?  The Scriptures are clear, God is holy, and we are called to be a community of holy people.  So, just what does that mean?  As we begin the season of Lent, let’s find out just how and why God wants us to be holy!

March 12 – The Community of Wisdom Ps. 139

God is infinitely wise.  He has given it to us to share in His wisdom!  So, how do we become a community of wise people without become “wise guys”?  It starts with knowing the difference and connection between wisdom and knowledge.  If we have understood that individually, what does that look like for us as a community?  It would be wise for us to find out! 

March 19 – The Community of the All-Powerful Gen. 1:1-5

What would it be like to play on the same team as the best player in history; the player whose presence guaranteed your team would win?  Well, we are on the same team with the infinite God!  Why do we keep acting like good is weaker than evil?  Then again, if you’re playing with the best player, shouldn’t you approach the game the way He does?  So, how does the infinite God expect us to relate to Him and one another?  Here’s a hint – lose the “bucket list”!

March 26 – Rev. Dr. Pat Ryan