Counseling Ministry

By employing a Christian approach to counseling, A Future and a Hope Ministries passionately works with individuals, couples and families to assist them to experience peace, joy and wholeness of life.

  • Our counseling team believes that with God at the center of our families and relationships, hope and healing is still possible – a future filled with all that God has intended for us.
  • Our goal is to help those struggling with life’s circumstances to connect with the Lord, Who is our only source of hope in this life; Our hope is in the Lord, not in humanity.
  • God is the Divine Healer – It is only by His mercy and grace that hope and healing is still possible.
  • Our ministry seeks to assist people to fully grasp God’s plan for them – and to help them develop a longing to fulfill that plan in their lives.
  • Our counseling team is passionate about those things that please the heart of God – and our heart breaks for those things that break the heart of God.
  • We are committed to seeking God’s will and discerning where He is at work for the sake of emotionally and spiritually healthy families, marriages and individuals, in order for them to enjoy the fullness of God’s plan for their lives.