Church-wide Wednesday Night Studies

Wednesdays @ Windwood

Fall Semester Kick-off August 29th @ 6:00 pm

(Free Dinner & Class Preview)

Regular Classes begin September 5th -

Dinner ($5) at 6:00 pm / Classes at 6:30pm



For All Adults

A Leisurely Stroll through the Old Testament On the Stepping Stones of History led by David Waskowiak

This class will focus on archeological and documentary evidence outside the bible that support some major portions of the Old Testament accounts. The journey will start with the sojourn in Egypt, then to slavery in Egypt, Exodus, the conquests of Canaan, the united monarchy, divided monarchy, exile in Babylon, and then the return to Jerusalem after the exile.  The class materials will be PowerPoint slides, photos and videos.

A Look in the Life of C.S. Lewis and the Screwtape Letters led by Pastor Kevin Rudolph

We think long and hard about how to be faithful and obedient disciples of Christ.  But what would that attempt look like from the perspective of a being who was trying, not to help us be good, but to help us to be bad - not to overcome temptation, but to give into it?  That is the unique perspective C. S. Lewis took in his famous book, The Screwtape Letters.  Lewis imagines what kind of advice a higher-up (lower-down?) Undersecretary of a department in Hell (Screwtape) might give to his nephew (Wormwood) a junior tempter assigned to the demise of a particular human being on earth (it is, after all fiction - Lewis was never suggesting this is really true).  Join us as we read this fascinating study in human nature and discuss the insights into the human heart from a Biblical perspective.

1st Peter Principle led by Jeff Cregg

Are science & Christianity compatible? Can Christianity be defended scientifically? Is there scientific evidence that God exists? Did life evolve? Where did reason & consciousness come from? Does morality change over time? What about other religions? The I Peter (3:15) Principle is a 7 session course (with 3 optional sessions) that focuses on the scientific aspect of Christian apologetics.  Join us as we examine evidence of design in cosmology, physics, chemistry, biology, and reason itself.  We’ll also explore how the development of science originally influenced Western thinking that was based on a Christian perspective and how that has changed over the past century and a half.

Godly Citizenship led by Harold Merkel

This class will consist of two parts.  Part 1 will explore biblical teaching regarding the church's relationship to the state:  What does the Bible say about the purpose and authority of governments? How are we as citizens to relate to the government?  Part 2 will survey the history of Christianity in the United States from before the arrival of the Pilgrims to the present day.  How did the United States become the first nation to be founded on the ideal of religious liberty?  What events and people have shaped our culture and our understanding of religious liberty for the past two centuries, and what lies ahead for us?

Boundaries by Dr. Cloud and Dr. Townsend  led by the Martens and Etnyres 

Can you set limits and still be a loving person? Are you in control of your life? What are legitimate boundaries?  Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend offer biblically based answers to these tough questions as they show you how to set healthy boundaries with your parents, spouses, children, friends, coworkers, and even yourself.  (Study Guide recommended for the class. Books are available for $8.)

For Women

All Things New by Kelly Minter led by Meredith Ridenour

Kelly Minter will lead you through the Letter of 2 Corinthians, exploring the anchoring truths of bearing treasures in jars of clay, meeting Christ through a pressing thorn, opening wide your heart in the midst of hurtful relationships, and what it means to embrace the lost and lonely as ministers of the new covenant. Each of us has a message to proclaim and live by: Because of Jesus the old has gone, the new has come.  (A Study Guide is recommended for this class.  Books available for $15.)

For Youth

LIVE Junior High and High School by Group led by Ryan Reitzammer

LIVE Junior High and High School will equip you to speak into students’ lives amid all the other voices and help them discover the value of placing Jesus at the center of everything.

For Kids

TruthLab Investigations led by the KidMin Team

TruthLab Investigations is a Bible Adventure that takes kids ages 3-12 on an adventure of discovery in the lab of Doctor Luke, our Chief Researcher! Kids will make Big Discoveries of what God says about each of them as they investigate accounts of Jesus and His followers from Luke and Acts! They’ll revel in the fun science-themed snacks, art and games—and be wowed by a few experiments that will engage them in a life-changing understanding of who Jesus is and the awesome things God says about them!