Men's Ministry

Man to Man

The purpose of Man to Man (MTM), Windwood's Men's Ministry, is to create an environment in which the Spirit of God will empower men, through relationships with other men, to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ, and thus honor God, serve their families and minister to others in our church and community. We strive to accomplish this mission through three areas of focus:

Spiritual Growth - Provide opportunities and resources for growth in the faith of all men.

Our annual Spring Retreat is the highlight of the Man To Man year. Our 20th Retreat was held in March and we had our most successful retreat ever, with 74 men participating! Our 2018 Men's Retreat will be April 26-28, 2019. In addition, several Men’s Small Groups are operating. If you have an interest in joining one contact Brent Blake at

Fellowship With Brothers in Christ - Organize social events that invite men in our congregation to participate in outings that help foster friendships with other men.

The Men of Windwood are a friendly bunch and we tend to have great fellowship at all of our gatherings no matter what the function. We try to have many fellowship events that can be enjoyed by the Men of Windwood. Although some outings can be enjoyed by men of all ages, we also have events focused on smaller groups of men. For example, whereas an Astros game might be enjoyed by all ages, a disc golf tournament or fishing outing might only be enjoyed by some. Our annual Brisket Sale is both fellowship and service to our ministry. The object of all events is to build bonds of fellowship and relationship among the men in the Windwood community.

Service To God, Church & Community - Utilize the servant hearts and handy skills of all men to help those in need within and outside the Windwood community.

We also serve our church and community. These events might sound like work, but they are a lot of fun when we do them together. Examples are seasonal Church activities such as erecting the Easter cross and Nativity display, doing fixit and small maintenance tasks for those unable to do them themselves, mission trips for helping others in our community and our annual Brisket Sale.

If you have any questions regarding our program please contact the church office at 281-378-4040 or email us at