Mission Statement

Godly Citizenship Group

The mission of the Godly Citizenship Group is to help Christians be good citizens of the Kingdom of God and then also of the earthly kingdoms of which they are a part.

First, we recognize as a core value that our common ground on the essentials of faith binds us together as Christians, and Christians of good conscience may differ on things that are not essential. Therefore, we can engage in discussions of politics and debate matters of public policy without creating schisms within the Church.

Second, the Godly Citizenship Group seeks to be the “eyes and ears” of the Windwood congregation and the broader Christian community on relevant issues of public policy. Our perspective is to view these issues through the lens of our Christian faith, and to identify ways in which the values of the Kingdom of God can be expressed in the laws of our country.

Third, the Godly Citizenship Group seeks to become a trusted source of information, so that Christians can make informed decisions about what God is calling them to do as citizens of both the Kingdom of God and of the United States.

Strategies to Achieve Windwood's Godly Citizenship Mission

  • Articulate Biblical positions on important moral issues.
  • Motivate Congregants to be godly, responsible citizens.
  • Educate congregants on Scriptural, historical and legal foundations for responsible Christian citizenship.
  • Register every eligible citizen in our congregation to vote.
  • Inform congregants on a regular basis in regard to important local, state and national issues of concern.
  • Coordinate with Pastors and churches of like mind throughout the community to pray, stand and speak together.
  • Activate members to effective prayer, service and civic involvement in the community to promote Biblical righteousness and justice.