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120 Fellowship January

Here we are Father, in this early dawn of the first day of all the days of 2018. Thank You for everything You allowed into our lives last year, the hard times that taught us perseverance and the good things that brought us joy.  Thank You that You give us a clean slate every day, not just once a year, to start things fresh. But this is the day that feels to us like the cleanest of all the days of the year, and the one where our new good intentions for the coming months begin.  We remember and may have some regrets for good resolutions that fell by the wayside last year, but are still very worthy of our renewed perseverance this year.  Lord, give us the desire, a daily craving for a more intimate relationship with You, knowing that this increasingly closer relationship that blesses us spiritually will also, with Your guidance, allow us to come closer in succeeding in all of our resolves.   Father, we want our resolutions  to be for Your glory - not for our pride or vanity.  And when we struggle, let us come to You for strength in persevering rather than letting our failure derail us. more...