Wednesdays @ Windwood Dinner ($5) @ 6:00 pm / Classes @ 6:30 pm

Brave Enough - Wednesday Evenings By: Nicole Unice, Led By: Alli Sandel For Women

What is the difference between an ordinary life...and one lived with courage? Imagine a life without worry-a life with more joy and wonder. Join us and Nicole Unice in this study based on her book Brave Enough, and discover the courage to be who you are, not who you wish you were. As you laugh and learn, you'll see that bravery doesn't have to mean cliff-diving out of your comfort zone. The Brave Enough study will lead you on a journey beyond worry and into the abundant life God has planned for you. 

Financial Peace University - Wednesday Evenings By: Dave Ramsey, Led By: Tim & Debby Brogan For Everyone

Are you ready to take control of your finances and change your life? Say goodbye to debt with Financial Peace’s proven plan. Stop worrying about money, learn how to build a legacy, plan for your future and gain better communication with your spouse.

WORLDVIEW: THINKING AND LIVING BIBLICALLY - Wednesday Evenings By: Greg Laurie, Led By: Dave Smith & Paul Pizzi For Men

Having a biblical worldview means looking at life through the lens of the Bible. It’s how you see your world, and impacts everything you are - from morality to money to marriage to how you will vote in the next election. Pastor Greg Laurie, along with David Jeremiah, Jack Graham, Skip Heitzig, Lee Strobel and Levi Lusko, shows you how to make sure your worldview is the right worldview - one that will help you navigate today’s challenges and lead you into an eternity of joy.  

Bible Certification - Wednesday Evenings / Beginning August 21st By: The Bible Seminary, Led By: Dr. Loken For Everyone

The Bible Seminary exists to glorify God by training Christian believers in a context of biblical community in all 66 books of the Bible so that they can serve the local church and fulfill the Great Commission by the power of God’s Spirit. To register, visit

“The Skinny” Old testament - Wednesday Evenings By & Led By: Cindy Pirtle For Everyone

Come join us as we zip thru the Old Testament sharing the “skinny” on the characters & stories that range from fascinating to unbelievable!  The Old Testament contains romance, wars, history and some truly amazing Good News!  No homework required. Have to come late, leave early or miss a few classes?  Those excuses are no reason to miss the fun!

KNEELING WITH GIANTS - Wednesday Evenings By:  Gary Newal Hansen, Led By: Rev. Kevin Rudolph For Everyone

Prayer is one of the greatest gifts God has given us, and yet it something we all struggle with – even the ‘great saints’ of Church history.  So, what did some of those ‘giants of the faith’ have to say about prayer?  In this class, we will look at the prayer life and practice of some of the ‘giants’ like St. Benedict, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Ignatius of Loyola and more.  Since there is not necessarily a “right” or “wrong” way to pray, learning some of the breadth of prayer practices, will help you find your own way of communicating with God!  Spoiler alert – He wants us to learn to pray even more than we want to pray!  He is on our side, and he is not hiding!

TeamKid - Wednesday Evenings Led By: Kids’ Ministry Team Ages 3months - 5th Grade

TeamKID is designed for Kids in Discipleship! It features Bible memory games and application of Bible truths, engaging missions videos and activities, and fun activity-based learning all while helping your kids grow to be more like Jesus.  

LIVE - Wednesday Evenings Led By: The Youth Ministry Team For Grades 6 - 12

Come discover a deeper relationship with Jesus. Live is not your typical leader led study.  Here’s how LIVE is different:

1. Student-led discovery vs leader talking exclusively, you’ll start to develop personal beliefs that stand up to pressures around you.

2. Intimate vs following formulas, allowing you to follow Jesus because you’ll be captured by His heart.

3. You do the talking vs lecture-style, you’re in an environment that you can share your doubts and questions which will ultimately strengthen your faith.

4. Knowing Jesus vs knowing about Jesus, you’ll start to see Jesus as a friend, not a distant authority to obey.

5. Conversational vs big production, allowing you to get to know each other and practice discipling together.