Electronic Giving for Tithes, Offerings and Other Payments

Windwood offers an automatic as well as an online option for giving.  Electronic giving can be used for tithes or offerings as well as any other payment to the church including flowers, missions, retreats, memorials, tickets for events, etc… We offer two easy and simple electronic giving options for donations, however event payments are only available via online giving.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) – EFT giving allows your tithes, offerings and/or other contributions to be transferred electronically from your checking or savings account directly to the church account.  One simple and easy to use authorization form can begin or change your ongoing contribution amount.  After filling out, signing and attaching a cancelled check to the authorization form, return it to the church Finance office to be processed.

Online Giving – Online Giving allows you to make an automatic, one-time, weekly or monthly donation to offerings, capital campaigns, other ministry donations or event payments directly from Windwood’s web site at any time of the day or night and there is no paperwork to fill out ahead of time.  Contributions or payments can be made from your checking or savings account.  A printable confirmation is available after your contribution has been accepted.

These payment options offer peace of mind knowing that your contribution and/or payment has been received and is contributing to the work of the church, especially during the slow summer months.  Plus, these giving options are available at no cost to you.  Windwood will issue a donation statement for your tax records, your bank statements will provide a record of your contribution, and if you have enrolled in ACCESS ACS, you may check on your donation status at any time online.  Simply click on the Member Login button on the Windwood homepage.

For additional information or for any questions you may have regarding these contribution options, contact Mickey Martin at 281-378-4040 or by email at mmartin@windwoodpc.org.

Wanting to make a gift now? 

Click Here to access the ACS EGiving Page.