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8:00 am: Meets in the Seminar Room (A120)

9:30 am: Meets in the Worship Center

11:00 am: Meets in the Worship Center


Call to Worship

We are called to worship God with all our lives, not just on Sunday mornings, but with everything we say and do throughout the week. Sunday morning worship services are offered at 8:00 a.m. in the Seminar Room. Identical 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. services take place in the Worship Center. Our encounter with the Living God is something you surely want to be part of on Sunday mornings.

At Windwood we believe the body of Christ – our congregation – is called to worship together and we glorify God with several musical styles within the same service. All styles of music that have been written to honor and praise the Lord are valid for worshiping Him. From traditional anthems and hymns to current praise and worship styles and everything in between, at Windwood we make music not only because we love to, but we do it because we are called to by God Himself.

Worship and Arts Council

Elder: David Bell

Deacons: Tracey Ebdon & Ray Moore

Rev. Kevin Rudolph, Sr. Staff Liaison, Worship & Arts

Christmas Season - Wise Men Still Seek Him

Jesus Christ is King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.  He is not just a Jewish Messiah, but the Savior of the world.  While his coming was prophesied clearly to the Jews, the news for all people, and those who were wise enough saw His star in the sky announcing His arrival.  If we’re looking God is sending us signals!  This Christmas let’s not miss them!


Dec. 2 – Come to Worship Him                     Matthew 2:1-12

Just who were the Magi and why are we told about them.  We know they didn’t arrive on the night Jesus was born, but instead “saw His star” and knew enough to begin a journey to worship Him!  Can we read the signs as well?  Do we know why they, and we, should worship Him?


Dec. 9 – Star Bright                                        Matthew 2:1-12

Astronomy has fascinated people from the beginning of recorded history.  What are all those “lights” in the nigh sky?  Why are they there, and what do they mean?  Can we still “read” the heavens?  If so, what is their message to us from God?


Dec. 16 – A King Foretold                             Isiah 9:2-7

God promised to send a savior in Genesis 3, in response to the fall.  But why should this Savior be a king?  And what kind of King would he be?  What difference does it make for us, in a democracy, to call Jesus King?


Dec. 23 – Out of Egypt                                   Matthew 2:13-15

The message of the coming of the Messiah was announce to all who could read the signs in the heavens.  But why should the young Messiah be sent to Egypt, and why was it important for Him to be known as one God called “out of Egypt”?  And you thought there weren’t any more interesting questions about Christmas!


Dec. 24 – A Sign for All                                 Luke 2:1-21

Christmas has a world-wide appeal, but more importantly, it has a world-wide message! 
And it’s not about the presents we give and receive, it is about the presence of the one who has made all things, becoming a human being.  That’s a message worth understanding, and worth celebrating!  Merry Christmas!